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Are you considering using the power of online learning for your high school education? As the internet becomes more prevalent, accessible, and mainstream, online school has continued to grow. Today, there are online options for nearly every kind of student designed for every level of education.

For many students, learning online is actually better than a brick-and-mortar school; it can even provide opportunities that would never be available through traditional schooling methods. The perks of this type of schooling include flexibility based on your learning style and lifestyle, a comfortable space to work in, and the ability to gain additional skills that will be useful beyond the classroom. Before we delve into some of the benefits of online high school in depth, Let’s look at some statistics.

Understanding the Impact: Statistical Insights into Online High School Education

As we delve deeper into the world of online high school education, it's crucial to understand its impact and growth through concrete data. These statistics not only provide a clearer picture of the current state of online high school but also offer insights into its potential and challenges.

  1. Widespread Adoption of Online Education in High Schools: During the 2017–18 school year, 21% of public schools and 13% of private schools in the U.S. offered courses entirely online. Notably, high schools showed a higher adoption rate, with 58.9% offering online courses.
  2. Student Preferences and Satisfaction: A 2020 survey revealed that 52% of students in the U.S. preferred the online learning experience over traditional classroom learning. This preference is attributed to the flexibility and self-paced nature of online education. During the pandemic, the number of students exclusively taking distance education courses rose significantly, highlighting the adaptability and growing acceptance of online learning.
  3. Distance Learning During the Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic saw a marked increase in the use of online education, with 77% of public schools shifting to online distance learning formats in spring 2020. This trend was slightly lower in private schools at 73%.
  4. Educational Leaders' Perspective: A significant percentage of education leaders, about 76%, believe that online education is equivalent to or superior to traditional education, indicating a strong endorsement of online learning as a critical component of modern educational strategies.
  5. Learning Retention and Accessibility: Online learning is noted for potentially increasing information retention rates by as much as 60%, compared to 8-10% in traditional classroom settings. This is largely due to the ability of students to control their learning experience and revisit materials as needed. Online education is also recognized for its accessibility, especially beneficial for students with external commitments or those living far from educational institutions.

The world of online high school education is marked by growing acceptance, promising retention rates, and notable cost-effectiveness. While it faces unique challenges, its evolution and integration into the educational system are making it an increasingly viable and effective mode of learning. Now let’s dive deeper into

5 Benefits of Online High School

Online high school has benefits that can't be achieved through traditional means. For some students, it's the best possible option. Here's why.

1. Learn According to Your Learning Style

Online learning is directed by you, the student, and is easily tailored to your learning style. For some students, the classroom is actually a barrier to learning, whether it's because you'd rather read the book on your own or because you can't attend during regular hours. There are many reasons why traditional learning models may not fit particular students, and online education can provide the flexibility to overcome those challenges.

2. Use Flexibility to Your Advantage

Online education provides unparalleled flexibility that allows for a customized experience. With self-directed learning and no mandatory live classes, you can play to your strengths. Are you a night owl who wants to start your "school day" at 11 PM? Maybe you'll log on and communicate with your teacher during your lunch break at work and complete homework from a coffee shop. Whatever you need or want to do online high school education can follow you.

3. Enjoy a Comfortable Environment

For some students, a traditional school can be incredibly uncomfortable, sparking social anxiety, behavioral problems, and mental health issues. Why not remove the barriers and keep the educational content with online classes? Stay home and get comfortable while achieving your educational goals.

4. Choose Enrollment Options for Your Lifestyle

Maybe you only need one class per semester to supplement your live classes in a brick-and-mortar school. Maybe you'd like to work on your high school diploma over the summer. Perhaps you have more trouble with math and need to dedicate extra time to that subject for a bit. Wherever you are on your path to graduation, online learning can help you get to the finish line. Even as a self-directed student, you never have to go it alone. An advisor will ensure you are working at the right pace for your goals.

5. Get Useful Skills for the Future

If you're considering college as a next step after you complete your high school education, online learning can set you up for success. Many universities offer fully online degrees, and even if you choose to attend classes in a brick-and-mortar setting, you'll have learned early on how to stay focused and motivated on your own. Online courses can also teach you valuable job skills, such as how to navigate software, communicate over multiple platforms, and work without direct oversight.

What Makes Online School With ICON Unique?

Now that we have outlined the benefits of online high school, let's take a look at what makes ICON a great choice.

Flexibility: Learn on Your Own Time

We pride ourselves on the flexibility and ease we can offer students, parents or guardians, or even educators who are looking for solutions for their in-patient or government facilities. You don't have to worry about scheduling conflicts or class availability if you choose to take courses through ICON's online high school. You can easily access the courses you need when you need them with our 24/7 access and one-on-one support.

There was a time not so long ago when it was a dig to suggest someone went to school online. It was a way of questioning the legitimacy of someone’s education during a time when the internet was considered by some a fad, and there wasn’t much infrastructure around online schooling. However, online schooling is quickly becoming the solution that so many students need, especially when it comes down to the need for flexibility. We follow the same Idaho high school graduation requirements as traditional schools do.

An Alternative Approach That Empowers Students

At ICON, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach, and each child has the opportunity to thrive in an online environment that fits their unique needs. Maybe your student needs to be dual-enrolled instead of having full-time enrollment; maybe your student wants to get ahead and graduate early with Advanced Opportunities. Or your student is in need of specialized education options like IEP. We can provide all of that, and the best part is—it's free!

We also provide every student with everything they need, including coursework materials and a free laptop rental for any student who doesn't have access to a computer. This empowers students to delve into their coursework and get the academic experience that fits their needs.

Simplified Time Management

Everyone knows that time management can be difficult, especially when a child learns from a virtual academy. However, ICON simplifies everything for you and what works for your schedule:

  • It provides you with the ability to choose which courses and how many to take
  • "Attendance" isn't the same with online school, so you save yourself time and work within your own schedule
  • You can fit in coursework when it makes sense
  • We provide resources to help you stay on track

Reap The Benefits of Online High School With ICON


While there are many different benefits of online high school that students can see individually, the nature of online learning means components like flexibility and the comfort of working at home offer a range of perks for high school students. Any student seeking flexible enrollment, time management, learning options, and time to complete high school will benefit from online school. Be sure to properly research potential online schools and review their requirements to attend.

Are you ready to transform your educational experience? Don't let traditional barriers hold you back. With ICON Online High School, the power to shape your future is in your hands. Whether you're seeking flexibility, a comfortable learning environment, or skills that will serve you beyond high school, ICON is your gateway to a world of possibilities. Contact us today, or call 208-475-3093. We look forward to watching you shine in your new online learning environment.

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