Idaho High School Graduation Requirements

Posted by ICON School on Oct 14, 2019 1:21:00 PM


At ICON, we understand the various reasons our students choose our program. While many students enroll for the flexibility that comes with online schooling, others enroll due to the fact that ICON has created an alternative graduation program that allows students to get a jump start on their post-high school goals at the pace that's right for them.

tips For Online High School Students

Posted by ICON School on Oct 8, 2019 12:41:52 PM


Online high school is an excellent choice for students because it's flexible, practical, and just a click away! But the truth is that everyone has a lot of questions before their first day. What should you expect? How different is this option from traditional high school?

Today, we'll answer all these questions and more to help you feel right at home at your online school!