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If you are interested in attending high school online, the process might feel a little daunting or intimidating.

Your reasons for exploring online school options might vary but often include a need to catch up on credits, the emotional or physical needs of your child, or your proximity to a brick and mortar school. Since your situation is unique, it can feel like you are alone and aren’t qualified to go through the enrollment process.

But the process is actually pretty straightforward, and shouldn’t discourage you from making the education choice that’s right for you!

Requirements for Online High School

In Idaho, students have the opportunity to meet the state's requirements for graduation in whatever way they'd like--which means there's nothing academically required for online school. Transitioning from a brick-and-mortar school can be simple or more complex depending on your location, so it’s important to consult with your local education department or school district prior to enrolling in online schooling.

The requirements, then, for online high school are really just the specific things you should do to ensure you're prepared for the transfer. This includes:

  1. Research and understand what’s in you or your child’s best interests regarding online-only or hybrid offerings, accreditation, and specialization.

  2. Find out the deadlines and documentation needed to enroll and begin online school, and any costs associated with enrollment.

  3. Understand what level of parental involvement will be needed in order for your child to be successful, by asking lots of questions.

  4. Withdraw from your current school (the process can vary, so again make sure to ask questions to make the process as smooth as possible).

  5. Enroll with your online school, and get ready for your new education adventure!

An online school is a great option for many families and individuals due to its flexibility and numerous benefits. Many programs are tuition-free, and there are also combination programs that can offer a blend of online and brick and mortar, ones that specialize in areas of career interest for you or your child, and there are even online options that offer opportunities for socialization.

In addition to the enrollment process, what else is needed?

Technology Requirements

In order to get the most out of your online education, there are a few technical requirements to consider that will enable you to be successful.

  • Access to a computer that is consistent, operates properly, and is up to date with virus protection. (ICON offers loaner laptops to enrolled students)

  • Internet access that is fast enough to stream a video, perform downloads, and is as reliable as possible.

  • A printer that is capable of printing in black and white, and color. Also, a printer that has a scanner built-in can be very useful for scanning documents and saving them to your computer for sharing.

  • A webcam is essential for you to participate in your online classes. A headset and an external mic may be helpful as well (but not always necessary).

  • Word processing software, like Microsoft Word or other programs, may be required in order to enable you to write papers, open and read documents, and more.

Are you ready to learn more?

ICON (Idaho Connects Online School) can help make the transition to online school as smooth as possible, and answer any questions that you might have about the process!

Learn More about ICON’s process in our Student Handbook or more about transitioning your student here.

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