Types of Students ICON Serves

Idaho students using virtual academy

ICON serves a variety of middle school and high school student populations throughout Idaho. 

Explore the links below to discover just a few of groups we serve and how Idaho Connects Online School can help these students.

Middle School & High School

ICON is a FREE online alternative school choice for ANY student in Idaho in grades 6-12, through the age of 21. Because ICON is a public school, credits transfer to and from any other Idaho middle school or high school.

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Advanced Opportunity

Many Idaho Fast Forward students struggle to find a high school that allows them the flexibility to enter into the Advanced Opportunities program. That's where ICON comes in.

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Home Schoolers

Even though ICON is a public school, we can support Idaho's homeschooling families by offering part time enrollment as a supplement to homeschool education. 

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Residential Treatment 

Educational resources for students in Idaho residential treatment centers can be scarce. Read the five ways ICON helps Idaho students in treatment centers.

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Special Education

ICON has the resources to support IEP (Individualized Education Program) students in Idaho. 

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