Education Program for Residential Treatment Centers

student support group in Idaho residential treatment center

We know educational resources for students in Idaho residential treatment centers can be scarce. Budgets are limited, and oftentimes, one educator can be responsible for helping students of a wide variety of ages, interests, and special needs

5 Ways ICON Helps Idaho Residential Treatment Centers

Fast Enrollment: ICON can enroll a student in their first course within 24 hours of being admitted into your facility.

Reduce Budget with FREE Education Option: The budget to run your entire facility and all its programming is limited. Save your dollars to serve your patients many other needs by using a FREE online public school option like ICON.

Give Patients Something to be Excited About: There's no doubt the time a high school-age patient spends time in treatment can be rough. ICON's variety of courses allow the student to select a subject that interests them.

Meet EACH Patient's Individual Education Needs: Even though education is a requirement for minors in Idaho residential treatment facilities, it doesn't mean that all centers are equipped to teach any student of any age in every subject. And what about students with special needs? It's too difficult for the limited education staff to truly meet the needs of all types of students. ICON staffs a variety of educators with a variety of skills sets almost guaranteeing we'll find the right person to help each of your patients. 

Credits Follow Students Back to Their School: Because ICON is an Idaho public school, the credits your patients earn through ICON will transfer to any Idaho school, aiding in a smooth transition out of treatment.

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Parents and students can learn about enrollment here!

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