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We know that educational resources for students in Idaho residential treatment centers can be scarce. Budgets are limited, and often, one educator can be responsible for helping students of a wide variety of ages, interests, and needs.

We have worked with treatment centers in the past and understand their core needs. Here are the challenges we discovered and the solutions we can provide to southeast Idaho hospitals and treatment centers.

Challenges Treatment Centers Experience with Educating Patients

Traditional education settings simply don't work for hospitals and treatment centers. Here are a few of the challenges we've identified that they face:

  • Wide range of patient ages: It's difficult to find educators who can help students as young as 11 to adult students as old as 21.
  • Wide range of student abilities: Resources in treatment centers are often too limited to tailor education to the needs of students with special needs or IEPs.
  • Getting Accreditation: There are many hoops to jump through to get a hospital or treatment center accredited, and it's not realistic for most facilities.
  • Meeting timeline of treatment plan conditions: Often there is a judge involved in a patients' treatment plan and stipulations requiring them to continue education through treatment. Coordinating their education while addressing the main reason they have been admitted to a facility can be complicated and time-consuming.
  • Need for Individualization: Many treatment centers need to have the ability to individualize the education of patients. For example, someone with Autism would have very different needs than someone with a mood disorder.

Solutions ICON Can Provide Treatment Centers

ICON can help your patients continue their education while your facility helps them with their treatment goals. Here are a few of the key solutions we offer:

  • Reduced Budget with a Free Education Option: It's entirely free to partner with ICON, which means your treatment facility budget won't be stretched thin.
  • Individualization of Education for Patients: Every student needs an individualized approach to their education, which is why we utilize our trained educator's unique skillsets to meet each patient's needs.
  • Accreditation is Covered: We're accredited, so you don't have to be
  • Fast Enrollment: We can get students enrolled within 24 hours of admission
  • Onboarding and Intake Integration Available: We can easily incorporate program onboarding with patient intake processes, so you don't miss a beat
  • Computer Equipment Loans and Setup: We can loan your facility computer equipment, and help set up a computer lab and education space in your facility

The primary issue is not education; it’s mental health. ICON’s flexibility allows hospitals and treatment centers to focus on the mental health issue first and foremost without the student's getting behind in their education.

Check out the other ways in which ICON proves to be the ideal educational partner for treatment centers.

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