Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about ICON High School and Middle School

How Does Online School Work?

Students can log onto ICON School 24/7, attend virtual school sessions with teachers and other Idaho students, and work within a schedule that meets their needs. Students are expected to adhere to ICON attendance requirements and participate in state testing.

Fully enrolled online students are given access to a quality curriculum, a loaner laptop, and highly qualified Idaho teachers to guide them through their educational experience.

This is Idaho Connects Online School (ICON)- where it’s YOUR CHOICE, YOUR TERMS, YOUR LIFE!


Who Enrolls in Online School?

Many of our students don't fit the mold of a traditional school—they are seeking an alternative to public school. We are Idaho's best resource for students who, for a variety of reasons, don't want to attend a classroom environment and choose to work on continuing their education from home—at their own pace, on their schedule, on their terms. (Students are required to work within the semester requirements.)

Any Idaho student who wants a customized high school experience can enroll at ICON. 

We know that Idaho isn't like every other state and neither are its students. ICON School's biggest goals are to provide personalized attention to our students, at an individualized pace, and support from Idaho teachers. That means listening to our students, engaging with their needs, and igniting their passions.


What Does ICON Cost?


As a public Idaho school, ICON is completely free. There are even loaner laptops available for fully-enrolled students to make your education easier.


How Do I Enroll in Online School?

Enrolling is easy! Just follow the steps outlined here, which includes completing an enrollment packet, and we'll take it from there. 


When is Enrollment?

Great news: You can enroll at ICON any time of the year!* We’re here to meet the unique needs and challenges of Idaho’s students, and we know issues like relocation, behavior problems, or bullying don’t respect the traditional school calendar. No matter when it’s time to make the switch to online school, we’ll be ready for you.


When is ICON School Orientation?

During the first week of enrollment within ICON, all students will be required to participate in ICON School’s Orientation Course which will teach students how to navigate and work in the online environment. All students will also need to have a voice-to-voice meeting with their Advising Teacher during the first week of school. Advising teachers will schedule those sessions with their students, and these sessions will be done virtually.


Is Online School Good for Homeschoolers?

ICON is a public school, but can support Idaho's homeschooling families in a variety of ways. ICON offers part-time enrollment to serve as supplemental support for homeschool instruction. Contact us to learn more about how to use ICON’s free public high school classes for your homeschooling student.


Is ICON a Public School?

Yes. ICON is a fully accredited Idaho public school, and every credit you earn at ICON will transfer directly to any other Idaho public school.


Is There LIVE Mandatory Class Time?

No! We know your life is busy and we’re here to tailor your education to your needs. There is no live mandatory class time, and you can customize your schedule around full-time work, residential treatment, or any other scheduling conflicts. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll be able to coast and never log in to do your coursework. On the contrary, ICON’s classes are just as rigorous as traditional classroom instruction; they’re simply customizable since you are not required to be online at specific times during the day.

Do you have questions about how ICON School operates? Are you wondering if online schooling is the right choice for you? We are here to help. To speak to a personal representative, please call us at (208) 475-3093 or email us at You can also fill out our contact form and we'll get in touch. 

* When there is not enough time remaining in a semester for a new student to complete their course work, we will help them register for the upcoming semester.