Middle School and High School

Idaho public school

ICON offers FREE full-time and part-time public school education for Idaho students in grades 6 -12 and up to age 21.

ICON’s Mission

Our mission is to provide middle school and high school students with a personalized education alternative that integrates one-on-one support, a robust curriculum, flexible instruction, and innovative technology in an Idaho Public Charter School.

Why Students Choose Online School for High School or Middle School

  • They need a more customized experience than traditional schools can accommodate
  • They feel unsafe or experience bullying in brick and mortar schools
  • They participate in extracurricular activities or club sports that require travel
  • They work during school hours to help provide for their families
  • They faced expulsion from an Idaho public school

These are just a few examples of the unique needs and challenges Idaho students face. Free online public school is the only option that can adapt to provide an educational experience for such a vast variety of student populations.

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