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In life, things happen. We change our jobs, change cities, and sometimes our children need to change schools. The thought of switching schools mid-year can be a concern for both parents and students.

But it doesn’t need to be! According to the Census Bureau, nearly 36 million people in the U.S. move annually. So if you’re one of these families, you’re not alone. Whether you need to change schools out of necessity or recognize that your student needs a better learning environment that suits them, it’s never too late to join the many students who are making this transfer every day.

Start Any Time, Anywhere

Often, parents wait until the following semester because they feel it’s too late to sign up. But if the school you're eyeing has rolling admissions, you don’t need to hurry to meet a deadline. Why wait a few extra months to begin your schooling? You can enroll as soon as your child is ready to start learning!

With an online school, students can work from anywhere with an internet connection. And even if you need to relocate, you can still be enrolled at the same online school no matter your school district.

Tips For a Smooth Transition

Changing schools in the middle of a school year is not only doable, it’s easy with an online school.

Here are some tips to help you find the right school and get the process started. 

  • Research your options: There are many options at your disposal, but make sure you choose a fully accredited online school with certified teaching staff. The more research you do upfront, the more your child will feel prepared to hit the ground running!
  • Be prepared for paperwork: As soon as you decide, get a jump on the paperwork you’ll need to gather, including a birth certificate, immunization records, and other state-specific paperwork. This will help your student hop into the semester once you’ve found the right school for them.
  • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask a highly trained teaching staff any questions: whether you need extra guidance on schoolwork or have a quick question about the process. They’re here to help! The sooner your questions are answered, the sooner you’ll feel confident to tackle the work.

Once you're enrolled—or in the process of getting enrolled—you can take some steps to ensure you start off on the right foot. Here are some ideas for easing into online school:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the online platform: Get to know the online platform that your school will be using—and do this as early as possible, not at the last minute. This can help you feel more comfortable with the technology and ensure you can access all the materials you need. There's nothing worse than trying to deal with tech issues on top of starting a new school. 

  2. Reach out to your teachers: If possible, try to connect with your teachers before you start online school. This can help you build a rapport, which can be especially helpful when it comes to asking questions or seeking support later on. It can also help easy any anxieties you might have about starting their classes. 

  3. Create a dedicated workspace: Set up a workspace that's comfortable, quiet, and free from distractions. This can help you focus and stay productive during your online classes.

  4. Plan your schedule: Figure out when you'll be attending classes, when you'll be doing your homework, and when you'll take breaks. Creating a schedule can help you stay organized and ensure that you're able to balance your schoolwork with other commitments.


Learn at Your Own Pace

In this digital age, online schools can match the level of education from traditional schools with a greater level of flexibility in how your child learns. Every student is unique, and one learning style doesn’t fit all. That’s why online schools provide a customized program that’s self-paced and suited for any learning style. A customized schedule means you don’t have to wonder if your student will fall behind.

With 24/7 access to courses, students can study at the hours that work best for them and even get ahead of the schedule if they wish. Students can work at their own pace with fewer distractions, having greater control over their learning environment.

An online school gives students the benefit of focusing on coursework without any unneeded peer pressure, bullying, or distractions so that students can focus on what they’re truly here to do: learn.

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It's Easy with ICON

Signing up for an online school is as simple as requesting an enrollment packet, filling out the forms, and letting our team handle the rest. And that’s it! Your student is transferred and ready to get back to learning. An orientation video will help you navigate the class schedule, coursework, digital tools, and more.

Changing schools mid-semester shouldn’t disrupt your child’s education or feel difficult. If you’re considering transferring, an accredited online school like ICON can help make this transition smooth for students and parents. When you’re ready, reach out and take your next step in education today!


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