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It may still be summer, but it’s a great time to decide if an online school is right for you or your student.

Here are some of the ten most common reasons (in no particular order) that middle school and high school students choose to attend free online public school.


Maybe brick and mortar school just isn’t meeting your needs. In many areas of rural Idaho, there are no other choices (or private school options are too expensive). Online school is the choice for many students in rural Idaho. 

Suspended or Expelled

There is a set period of time attached to suspensions or expulsions. Some students who have been kicked out of traditional school, will school with ICON for the period of their suspension or expulsion and then transition back to traditional school.


Often this is a byproduct of the reason a student was suspended or expelled. However, it is almost always a condition of probation that a minor is enrolled in school. Online school is often the preferred way to meet this requirement.

Working full time

Many students today need to hold full-time jobs. Because ICON does not require you to school during a specific time of the day, it is a good fit for young adults who need to fit their schooling into a full-time work schedule.

Get Ahead or Graduate Early

ICON does not recognize semester boundaries. That means that whenever you complete a course (as long as it’s not too close the end of the school year), you have the opportunity to start the next class. You can work as quickly as you like to graduate sooner.

Frequent Travel

Whether you are a member of a military family who needs to be able to school seamlessly while relocating, or if you are a competitive athlete who must travel for training and competitions, online school offers an education option that fits your lifestyle.

Special Education Needs

Often, just removing the social distractions of traditional school can help students on IEPs thrive. Because ICON is a public school, we follow all the guidelines for special education in the state of Idaho.

Social Anxiety

Sometimes the traditional brick and mortar schools create too many barriers for people with anxiety--from getting on the bus to being uncomfortable in an overcrowded classroom. Students with anxiety disorders have been very successful at ICON.


We often see students enroll because they have been the victims of bullying. Online public school is the safest school choice for these middle school and high school students.

Pregnant or Young Parent

Young moms and dads and expecting young moms find online school a great way to balance the demands of parenthood while still being able to complete their education.

If any of these sound like you or your student, contact ICON for more information about how to enroll in free online public school.

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