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student sitting alone at lockers, young girl with head down at school alone, bullying concept,The educational experience isn't always a good one in schools. For some students, going to school means being bullied, living in fear or shame, and being unable to learn because of that. 

Bullying is an enormous problem that is now out in the open, though few things have changed. When a child is bullied, there are often other complications that result in an education that is worse than it could be. 

Many students switch schools due to bullying, and online school is a popular choice because it lets students learn on their own terms, on their own turf. Here are some of the ways online school directly addresses some of the common consequences of bullying. 

How Online School Helps

Let's take a look at the most common problems caused by bullying and how online school can solve them for students and parents

Missed Days

When students are afraid at school, it's no surprise that they don't want to be there. Bullied students have double the incidence of missed classes. All of this lost class time means they are less prepared in every subject, and their grades will suffer. 

Online school can be a helpful way to ensure that your student doesn't miss school while also keeping them safe from bullying at the same time. When school is conducted in the comfort and safety of the home, there is no reason for students to look for reasons to miss school.

Lack of Enthusiasm

Being bullied can destroy a child's confidence, and the lower grades that often come with it only spell even worse self-esteem. It's hard to be enthusiastic about any class, or school in general, when being there is so upsetting. For this reason, bullying victims are less likely to go on to college after high school. Not only are they robbed of their enthusiasm for academics, but their grades are also often too poor to be able to be accepted to college.

When a student can learn from home, they have the opportunity to find their passion for one or more academic subjects. And because school wasn't unpleasant, these kids are more likely to go on to additional education.

Difficulty with Focus

When you're being bullied, it's hard to concentrate on anything else. Just getting through the day is hard enough for bullied kids, and being able to focus on work is not a priority. Stress, worry, and anxiety all contribute to a student's inability to pay attention in class and while working on homework. 

Being able to concentrate at home, with no difficult distractions, is one reason that online school works so well for bullied kids. At last, these students can focus on their schoolwork instead of watching for their bully to be mean to them. If your student is off track and not getting back in line, an online school can help them to give more effort to their schoolwork and improve their grades.

Feeling Unsafe

Students who are dealing with bullies have a lot of anxiety while at school. They may not know what's going to happen next, or they may be dealing with the relentlessness of a bully or other students judging them. Plus, when parents feel that their child is unsafe at school, it makes them nervous. This, in turn, makes your child even more nervous. 

Taking a child out of the physical classroom can relieve an enormous amount of stress that was driven by bullying. Online school is a place to go to receive an education in a far safer environment. With this arrangement, you'll have less stress and worry, and your child will feel that more-relaxed atmosphere. Studying and learning safely can ease your child's daily fears and sense of dread.

The Lasting Impact of Bullying

Bullying has a domino effect: it starts by making a child uncomfortable and resigned at school, then causes absences and drop-outs. The anxiety of bullying becomes an enormous barrier to learning, and as their grades drop, many kids lose confidence in themselves, falling further and further behind their peers. One semester of bullying in a child's life could have lasting consequences, while years of torment could derail a young person's life.

At ICON, we believe bullying is devastating and should be handled swiftly and with powerful advocacy wherever it's happening. We also know that sometimes, the safest school environment for a child is far away from the triggering memories and the terrifying reminders of bullying. That's why we're proud to support many students who've survived bullying.

Building a Safe Environment for Students

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, most bullying occurs in middle school, a pivotal time both developmentally and academically for children. Around a third of students say they've been bullied at school, and most of those students are perceived as different by their peers. Bullying affects more than only the child at the receiving end: bystanders are also affected as well as the bully themselves. The effects of bullying can last well into adulthood, especially considering how bullied kids are more likely to develop depression and anxiety, suffer from health issues, abuse substances, and skip or drop out of school.

No parent wants their child to struggle in school, but even more importantly, they want them to feel empowered to thrive in a safe environment. For many students, home is the safest place they'll ever know and the best place to learn, grow and explore the topics that interest them. ICON allows kids to work at their own pace, finally finding the success they've craved while blooming in a secure place.

Virtual Academies and Your Student

Online school is a helpful solution when a case of bullying is ruining the school experience for a student. Not only do they get a safer atmosphere and less stress, but they are also likely to do better in school and become more likely to go on to college after graduating. It's the end to bullying that so many students wish for. If you believe that your child would benefit from online learning, contact us today for more information. 

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