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For the past week, students across Idaho have been heading back to school. For many of these students, this involves walking through the doors of a traditional brick and mortar middle school or high school like their parents did before them. But the world has changed significantly since the parents of today's students attended middle school and high school. Today, a curious mind can learn anything with the help of the internet—and even complete schooling and receive diplomas, certificates, and degrees.

The power of the internet has brought schooling—something that used to be reserved for brick and mortar institutions—into the home. For many students, this is a revolutionary step towards making education simple, available, and accessible.

The fact of the matter is, the traditional schooling model can't serve everyone. There are students who, for a variety of reasons, do better with online classes that keep the content but remove the classroom. Is your child one of these students? Are you?

Students Who May Do Better With Online School

The traditional classroom works well for many students, but for others, it's a hindrance instead of help with learning. There are challenges to the public school model that leave some students unchallenged, unmotivated, left out, anxious, or left behind.

Free online school can be the perfect solution for students like this.

Self-Directed and Gifted

Some individuals find it hard to concentrate in a group setting, often because of social anxiety, bullying, or other factors of the public school environment. Many of these students are gifted and ready for an academic challenge, but can't reach their potential in a traditional classroom. Free online public school is a great fit for students who don't benefit from the classroom environment.

Special Needs Students

Does your student need to work at her own pace? Was he feeling left behind in the large classroom full of kids? Many special needs students choose an online public school to achieve a customized education solution rather than spinning on the hamster wheel of struggling to keep up with peers. Online schooling provides an inclusive, safe, comfortable environment for students of all abilities to grow and thrive.

Diploma-Seeking Adults

Education is the gateway to many jobs and opportunities, and 18-21-year-old adults seeking diplomas can benefit from the freedom of self-directed online public school. For 18 to 21 year-olds without a high school diploma or GED, free online school allows the flexibility to work while attending classes. Online public school is an attractive option for individuals who don't have time to attend GED classes but want to further their career with education.

Is Online Public School Right for You? 

With course credit recovery classes, customizable curriculum, and 24/7 access, ICON School is the flexible solution for many Idaho students' needs. To learn more about Idaho free online public school, contact us or click below to learn about enrollment.

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