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Enrollment is open for the 2023-2024 school year!

When your life doesn't fit the mold of a traditional school, now you have an alternative! Imagine continuing your education with the freedom of a flexible schedule, free tuition, and a free laptop (to fully enrolled students) — all on your terms!

Idaho Connects Online School (ICON) is committed to combining the power of education with the options, the 24/7 access, and the personalized online programs that Idaho students want and need.

Sometimes we avoid new things, like online public school, because we don’t know what to expect, and that can make us a little nervous. It’s totally natural. Take a look at what it's like to attend online school with ICON. 

The mission of ICON is to provide middle and high school students with a personalized education alternative that integrates one-on-one support, a robust curriculum, flexible instruction, and innovative technology in an Idaho Public Charter School. Learn more about Idaho High School Graduation Requirements.

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Are You a Parent Trying to Decide If Online School is Best for Your Child?

There was a time not so long ago when it was a dig to suggest someone went to school online. It was a way of questioning the legitimacy of someone’s education during a time when the internet was considered by some a fad and there wasn’t much infrastructure around online schooling. Today, many people use the internet to do traditionally place-bound things such as work, education, and communication. But with that said, some myths persist about online learning. Here are a few of those myths and the facts you should know.

Thinking about being a parent of a student attending school online, you probably realize that it may be easy for your child to become distracted when they’re doing schoolwork from home. From access to their video games, toys, pets, and general distractions from around the house, your child likely wants to do anything except school. However, there are a few ways you can help your child stay engaged.

Unsure about the transition to online school? Here are some helpful resources:


Are You a High School Student Scoping Out Your Options? Take Charge of Your Future

Many students only dream of finishing high school early not realizing that it’s very possible to do, especially in Idaho. It can be an exciting and challenging process, but if you have the drive to do so and are in a program that supports you, you can do it! The key to success is to understand why you want to graduate early and create a solid plan to make it happen. Learn how to graduate early from high school. 

Online high school has benefits that can't be achieved through traditional means, and for some students, it's the best possible option. Learn more about the benefits of online high school here.

Check this video out to view stories of those who took charge of their education and their future! 


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