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At ICON, we understand the various reasons our students choose our program. While many students enroll for the flexibility that comes with online schooling, others enroll due to the fact that ICON has created an alternative graduation program that allows students to get a jump start on their post-high school goals at a pace that's right for them.


In Idaho, there are specific requirements regarding the types of courses students must take in order to graduate high school. There are also requirements such as having a senior project and taking a college entrance exam.

Beyond Idaho’s requirements, local high schools may have additional expectations for graduating. At ICON, we encourage our students to focus on what's most important by requiring each student to complete what the Idaho Department of Education requires in order to graduate.

Idaho and ICON graduation requirements: Students must complete a minimum of 46 credits to graduate in the state of Idaho. Idaho requires these credits must include:

  • 9 Language Arts credits (includes English and Speech)
  • 6 Math credits (includes Algebra 1 and Geometry)
  • 6 Science credits (4 credits must include lab courses)
  • 5 Social Studies credits (includes U.S. History, American Government and Economics)
  • 2 Humanities credits (Could include visual arts, music, theatre, dance, or world language)
  • 1 Health credit (CPR must be part of curriculum)
  • 17 Electives

Additional requirements to graduate high school in Idaho:

  • Advanced Opportunities (Districts must offer at least one advanced opportunity such as dual credit or advanced placement. Learn more about advanced opportunities)
  • Senior Projects (Must include a written report and oral presentation)
  • College Entrance Exam (Must take the ACT or SAT exam before the end of the 11th grade)
  • Civics Test (Must successfully complete the civics test or alternate path)
  • Middle School Credits (Completed before 9th grade)

For more detailed information on these graduation requirements, visit the Idaho State Department of Education or download our ICON graduation requirements list.


The state of Idaho allows students to graduate early, take Advanced Placement courses that transfer to college, and take required classes completely online.


To graduate early, you need to have a plan in place as soon as possible. Familiarize yourself with graduation requirements, accelerated programs, advanced opportunities, and application processes.


Dual credit is an option for students to get ahead for college by earning college credits at a low cost. Students can enroll in college classes offered through a partnership between the high schools and Idaho’s universities and colleges.


Every Idaho student is unique. At ICON, we want students to focus on coursework that gets them closer to their goals and on a timeline that's right for them.

One reason a student might choose ICON is if they’re ready to start their chosen career and want to focus on getting there at a quicker pace. While most high schools offer a handful of Advanced Placement courses, many students choose careers that take many years of studying and training and they’re eager to get started. Other students know once they graduate high school, they want to enter a trade school and be on their way to earning a paycheck and gaining financial independence.

Not all students have decided on their future, and those are the students who would benefit from additional time to make that decision. Internships, volunteering, job shadowing, and more are becoming more common in the decision making process. At ICON, by planning their school day on their own terms, students have the time needed to participate in opportunities that will help them get a better idea of industries that pique their interest.

ICON gives you the option to stress less about the extras and focus more on opportunities that set up your future.

Learn more about taking online classes full time, part time, or as dual enrollment courses by contacting ICON or reading more about what we do.

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