Fast Forward Students

fast forward students taking free online high school credits

Idaho's Fast Forward program provides funds for every Idaho public school student who wants to take Advanced Opportunities in grades 7 through 12. These funds can be used for overload courses, dual credits, and college-credit bearing or professional technical exams.

However, many Fast Forward students struggle to find a high school that allows them the flexibility to enter into the Fast Forward program. That's where ICON comes in.

Idaho Online School Option for Fast Forward Students

At ICON, we believe in providing high school students with the flexibility they need, not only to succeed, but also to go above and beyond. Some students use ICON to complete basic courses in a safe, quiet environment free from distraction—and some of these students even shoot for an accelerated approach to graduation.

For students in Idaho's Fast Forward program, ICON is an ideal way to finish basic high school credits online without conflicting with AP classes, special exams, and even college courses. As an online public school, ICON abides by the requirements set by the Fast Forward program, but also gives students the flexibility to finish courses at their own pace. 

Graduate High School in Under Four Years

Across the nation, fewer than 3% of students graduate high school early, according to USA Today. We aim to increase that number by providing high-quality, flexible education solutions for students in programs like Fast Forward. 

Ready to learn more about how ICON can help your Fast Forward Student pursue their ambitions? Contact us! 

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