Special Education (IEP)

Online course for individualized education program

Parents rely on Idaho public schools to provide education for all types of students, including those who have needs that go beyond what the average classroom and instructor can support. 

For Idaho students on Individualized Education Programs, the traditional brick and mortar public school experience can prove difficult for many reasons. 

Challenges for Special Education Students

  • Class sizes too large to support the students' needs
  • Bullying and discrimination
  • Anxiety about attending school

How ICON Serves IEP Students

Online education can be designed to adapt to the unique needs of any and all students. Not only does ICON have the resources and instructors to accommodate students with special needs, we can help these students thrive by offering a specialized experience unique to each individual student. 

Just read this testimonial from a parent with two students on Individualized Education Programs who have attended ICON.

If you are looking for a way to get your IEP student the help he or she needs, request an enrollment packet or contact ICON today for more information. 

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