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Online School Vs. Homeschool

Posted by ICON School on Feb 24, 2021 2:30:56 PM


With the current influx of online school or virtual school options for students across the country, the use of traditional homeschooling curriculums seems to lumped together with online school. However, there are significant differences between the two curriculum options, based on their structure and design. Knowing the difference between the two will guide you with understanding online school and how it can benefit your family.

Are Online Schools the Future of Education?

Posted by ICON School on Dec 28, 2020 11:09:38 AM

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Online education has expanded tremendously over the last year due to school closures from COVID 19. The appeal of online school continues to grow due to its convenience and accessibility. Today e-learning provides many of the same perks as traditional classrooms and more. Here are just a few of the many benefits students stand to gain through online education.

Does Online School Negatively Impact College Applications?

Posted by ICON School on Nov 23, 2020 4:42:49 PM


Online school is a great option for many students, and even more are joining this method of schooling due to COVID-19. However, some parents are worried about how this type of learning will affect college applications. Today we're taking a look at how colleges view online school on student transcripts, and what you need to know about addressing it if colleges ask. 

Homeschool During COVID

Posted by ICON School on Jul 21, 2020 9:13:01 AM

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschool as an option for your child's education is something that many parents have considered, but some are acting on it. Before making the switch from the traditional classroom to homeschool, there are a few things that you can do for your homeschooled children that continue to enhance their education and fit your family's needs.