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Long after we finish our years of schooling, we all have that distinct feeling when Fall rolls around that it’s time for another year of learning and new beginnings. There is an excitement in the air as kids start buying school supplies, the weather starts cooling down, and crisp leaves are begging to be crunched. That time will be upon us not long from now! It always comes a little more quickly than we expect. So why not get a head start on planning?

Capitalize on the Start of a New School Year

If you are considering an online public school for your child, why not capitalize on the season where everyone is gearing up to start their new school year? Although ICON is enrolling students year-round, we’ve found that middle school and high school students have an easier time adjusting to the start of school if everyone around them is in the same mindset. (If you want to get started sooner, you have that ability with ICON!)

At ICON, you have incredible flexibility for your student. You can choose when they enroll and begin their classes, but they are not committed to showing up or leaving at specified times of the day as they would in brick and mortar classrooms. Classes are available 24/7, and the teachers have office hours when they are available to help your student. The only requirement is that your student works on their schoolwork every day and completes what they are assigned. This gives the student increased flexibility to do the other things that you prioritize in your day or when unforeseen situations arise (as we all know they do).

Take Advantage of ICON’s Offerings

Adding to the flexibility point, ICON also offers your student the resources they need to succeed. One such thing is a computer. At ICON, we loan computers to families who need them. All you need is a reliable internet connection! This can be in your home or wherever the student can go every day to get internet (such as a public library or coffee shop).

As with all schools, we do require certain documents in advance to enroll your child. If you are considering ICON, start the process right away to ensure your student can start at your desired time! If you start now, you will have more time to work through the process and be ready on day one this fall or even this summer.

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