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There's nothing more pivotal in a young person's life than struggling with addiction, substance abuse, or mental health issues. Idaho residential treatment centers offer turning points, new beginnings, and hope to people of all ages and walks of life.

The most successful experiences in residential treatment centers are tailored to the needs of the individual and strive to provide treatment without compromising education. In fact, many Idaho students in treatment centers must continue their schooling per court order. But budgets are tight, and the pressures are high when it comes to addressing the needs of students in rehabilitation centers. You may not have the funds to devote toward keeping educators on staff, or you don't have the administrative bandwidth to deal with the stringent accreditation process required to help students earn credits they can take with them when they leave the facility.

That's where Idaho Connects Online School—ICON—comes in. With free online high school, your residents can continue their courses without interruption while getting the life-changing care they need.


Here are just a few ways that a partner school can help your treatment center make education a possibility and a priority for any teen.

#1: Personalization

Every student has a unique story. Traditional education doesn't always make room for this uniqueness, which can cause certain students to struggle and even fall behind; luckily, that's not the case when you partner with a flexible school. Rather than using a "one size fits all" approach, you can help guide students into an educational path designed to fit them.

#2: Planning

Knowing where to go and how to get there can make any education journey less stressful. Schools and treatment centers can work right alongside students to create graduation plans with specific, actionable steps.

#3: Encouragement

Some educational systems tend to treat students as though they are bound to fail. Instead, a partnership like this will encourage every student to reach their definition of success, whether that's college, trade school, a career, or something entirely different.

#4: Understanding

Students in residential treatment centers have a lot of questions about how they'll succeed. If their recovery conflicts with their education, will they have to choose one over the other? The answer, however, is simple: by partnering with a nontraditional, accredited school, no one ever has to make that choice. Instead, education is built around recovery, and each benefits the other.

Benefits of Offering Online School to Residents 

If you're a director supporting at-risk youth in a treatment facility, you know the challenges these teens face. From conquering drug addiction and alcohol abuse to dealing with mental health issues, they're under incredible stress and pressure to change their lives. Free online schooling can help them keep up with their studies while focusing on getting back on track, and with ICON's help, you can ensure that your funds and resources go 100% toward helping your residents succeed.

No Cost

Budgets are tight, and at the end of the day, your funds need to go toward rehabilitating your residents. Don't spend money on staff members who will be stretched too thin or unable to provide adequate education. Use the resources available through ICON to provide free online high school courses to your residents.

No Accreditation Hassles

Your center doesn't need to achieve any accreditation standards (because ICON is already accredited) or undergo assessments to provide top-notch, customized instruction to residents. With ICON's free online courses, you can give students exactly what they need—even tailoring course loads to each resident—without adding to your paperwork burden. You don't need any special equipment or resources to get started.

No Waiting

Need to get your student enrolled fast? No problem. Your patients can be enrolled in their first course within the first 24 hours of their admittance into your center. When your residents move on from your program, the credits they earned while in treatment will go with them, setting them up for continued success outside of your facility.

No Risk

We can help you set up an on-site computer lab with a protected network, ensuring that your patients have access to what they need without compromising their treatment. Online public high school is a safe way for patients to continue learning while receiving treatment.

A Customizable Education Option

The customizable nature of an online program through a special education virtual academy allows students who have doctor or therapy appointments to complete lessons and assignments at a time that works for them without missing any part of the instruction. Many students find that because of the limited class sizes at a virtual academy, they are able to get more attention and interaction from instructors when they have questions or need extra help. For students who have difficulty focusing in an environment with noise or distractions, or those who have experienced bullying from peers, online schooling eliminates these issues and distractions. It gives them a fresh start with new peers who better understand their problems and instructors who are ready to help them feel comfortable and welcome. 

If you're ready to bring free online education to your treatment facility, we can help you provide high-quality courses customized to each of your patients' needs without compromising your budget or straining resources.

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