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smiling teen student girl doing homework on laptop computer while lying on the grass at park, summer schoolSummer school isn't what it used to be -- in a good way! Forget the images of kids cooped up in hot classrooms with poor lighting and boring teachers. That's not how summer school is anymore, especially if it's all done online! When a child takes online classes for summer school, they have the flexibility to work on their classes from anywhere that works best for them (and you, as their parent!).

Online education was already gaining momentum over the last few years, but now, more than ever, it's becoming the ideal choice for many parents. One of the greatest benefits of online school for families is that kids don't have to miss out on summer activities. Their schedule is up to their parents and there is significantly more flexibility to choose when a child does their coursework. This means they won't miss out on going to summer camps or the family vacation you have planned.

If you choose to enroll your child in ICON, they will even receive a free laptop so that they can access their courses anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is ensure that they have internet access when they need to work on their coursework.

Benefits of Online Summer School 

Besides the great flexibility that online courses obviously offer, there are a few other key benefits for your child, including:

  1. Increased Confidence in Their Abilities: There is such a thing as the "new year brain fog" that happens if students don't keep up with learning during the summer and then return in the fall. When a student takes online courses in the summer, they can start the fall term with their course material still fresh in their minds and they'll be as sharp as ever and confident in their knowledge.
  2. Reinforcement of Core Subjects: Many times, students will struggle with at least one subject in school. Online summer school is a great opportunity for your child to gain a better understanding of subjects they tend to struggle with as they can delve deeper into these subjects without the pressure than can usually come during the school year.
  3. Learning How to Work Independently: Independence is a great quality for a child to learn at a young age, especially when it comes to education and learning. Students have the ability to take control of their learning when they are enrolled in online school. They can learn to be responsible for getting their coursework done and can take responsibility for their grades.
  4. Opportunities for Advancement and Grade Improvements: Online summer school is a great opportunity for your child to improve their grades and hone in their skills on specific subjects. If your child is at risk of being held back, online summer school can help them get back on track. And if your child is hoping to graduate early, online summer school can help them do that by giving them the opportunity to take classes they would need to wait to take otherwise.
  5. Learning New Skills: Does your child want to take an elective that they won't have time for during the school year? Through online summer school, they have the option to learn foreign languages, take art classes, or delve into other courses they have interest in but wouldn't have the ability to learn during the normal school year.

How Online Summer School Works

At ICON, our online summer school classes function the same as they do during the school year. All courses are self-paced by students and there are no scheduled class times, meaning your child would have 24/7 access to their courses and can work from anywhere and at any time that works best for your schedule.

We also ensure that your child has the best chance of success in online school by providing more than just reading materials. We provide videos and interactive activities for them, and they have access to our educators to go more in-depth or ask questions about material they need more assistance with.

How to Get Your Child Started in Online Summer School

Getting your child into online summer school at ICON is really simple and easy! First, we recommend that you figure out what your goals are for your child. Are they needing supplemental education? Do they need to take courses to get ahead or catch up? What courses do they need or want to take this summer? You can take a look at our course catalog to strategize which courses you would like your child to take.

Then, all you need to do is request an enrollment packet, return it once it's completed, and we will review it. Upon approval, our school registrar will contact you and get your child registered in the correct classes, provide instructions for you to receive your loaner laptop, give you login information, and get you the materials your child will need for their courses.

Learn more about free online summer school at ICON here!

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