Summer School Opportunities with ICON

ICON currently has openings for its free online summer session. If you are interested in making up lost credits so that you can get back on track to graduate, this is a perfect opportunity for you.
ICON's summer session will run from May 18th to August 14th. You may enroll any time through July 17th for summer options. You can participate through the entire semester, or stay for as long as you need to complete your course.
Here are some things to know! 
  • Summer school is free to those who are participating to make up lost credits. ICON will not be offering dual credit or advanced courses during the summer so that we can focus on credit recovery for the basic core content. 
  • ICON will provide highly qualified instructors, high-quality online curriculum and personal advisors to support you. Parents will need to provide a computer and internet for their student to access their work. 

  • ICON will offer one course at a time for the summer. You can move through the courses as quickly as you wish. When you complete a course you can be assigned another one if needed. ICON's graduation analyst will go over what you need to complete so that you can make the best decision for you.  

  • You will not have any set times to school rather you will be able to design a schedule that works for you.  
If you are interested, please click here to enroll and we will get started. If after summer school ends and you wish to remain with ICON for the fall, you be assured of a seat in the school.