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Online high school is an excellent choice for students because it's flexible, practical, and just a click away! But the truth is that everyone has a lot of questions before their first day. What should you expect? How different is this option from traditional high school?

Today, we'll answer all these questions and more to help you feel right at home at your online school!

Answering Big Questions

At first glance, online high school might seem like a complicated and confusing concept--but that's just because it's new.

The truth is that online school isn't that much different than any school you've attended before--except, of course, there are no lockers or classrooms. Instead, you'll meet in online chat rooms where your teacher will use digital tools to share documents, watch videos, and, yes, even give you homework!

Remember, everybody has questions on their first day of online high school--so here are the answers to some of those questions!

#1: "Are online classes easier?"

Although online classes allow you to move at your own pace and engage with the material in a variety of unique ways, they certainly aren't easier than traditional courses. The most challenging thing is getting used to the self-paced work and learning to make time management a priority.

#2: "How can I make friends?"

Because online classes allow you to interact with your classmates digitally, you can make friends at an online high school. However, you'll also have more free time to go out and meet people who share your interests, or to get involved in your community. So you have plenty of options!

#3: "Is there anything I can do to be more successful?"

The best tips for starting at an online high school are to read all the directions (especially when you're first getting used to new websites and digital tools). Ask your teachers for help whenever you need it and make sure to set up a comfortable workspace to help you focus.

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