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More kids than ever are learning from online schools, and many of them are thriving. If your child is engaged in remote learning, there are a few ways that the school year can be a little smoother.

Self-Pacing the School Day

While many kids go into remote learning wanting more structure to their day, many kids are thriving in online school because they get to set the pace. It can be helpful to assess your child's learning style and figure out whether the self-pacing of the virtual school day works with your child or against him. If he's set a schedule for himself so that everything gets done, that is worthy of praise. If he is struggling and needing more structure, you and your child can work together to come up with a schedule that he likes.

Getting Rid of Distractions

For some kids, not having the distractions of a physical school can help them to calm themselves and pay more attention to their school work. At a physical school, there are other kids to distract your child as well as lots of teachers to listen to, bells ringing and the need to end a class before your child is finished. Not having those distractions at home can be great, but there are also distractions at home that can present themselves. Video game consoles, siblings and junk food in the kitchen can all be distracting during an ordinary remote learning day. Try to notice what distracts your child and experiment with ways to reward them with those things instead of cutting them out completely. There should be something to enjoy every day to keep your child motivated and away from too much anxiety.

Participating Long-Distance

Some kids can get lonely during the school day, even if they have you to spend time with. It's important for them to interact with others, so looking for ways that your child can participate can be helpful. Is tuning in for a class in real-time an option that your child isn't taking? If so, find out what they haven't participated in. You might try to set up a school area of the room in a way that your child will want others to see it and be more apt to tune in. If there are other ways to interact, find out from his teachers what they are and how your child might participate. 

Combatting Boredom

Even if your child is used to remote learning, new stages of development can start new problems. What once worked may work no longer. Sometimes, solving problems takes some experimentation to find what works best for your child. If you have multiple children in online school, remember that it may be a different solution that works best for each child. A stricter schedule may be better for one while another may need to stay in control of his day and create his own schedule. What doesn't affect one student may be distracting to another. Often it just takes a little time to put the best combination of actions into practice for a better online school experience.

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