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We see it more and more- students jumping ahead in their studies (or wanting to) through dual enrollment. There are many reasons for this, with the primary one being that students and parents realize the magnitude of how it can affect their future. Students don't need to be subjected to sitting in classrooms where they aren't challenged and are bored as a result. Some students were made for a challenge, and they welcome it. Maybe you fit this, or maybe your child does. Dual enrollment is a great solution to keep students challenged and helps them increase momentum in the direction of their goals and dreams for the future.

What Does Dual Enrollment in High School and Middle School Look Like?

Many people are aware of what dual enrollment looks like in college; high school and middle school dual enrollment doesn't look much different. The students enroll in courses that complement their current school curriculum and complete all their assignments just as they would in any other course. These courses are designed in a way that prepares students for their college or trade school years. 

At ICON, we offer dual enrollment for high school and middle school students wanting to get ahead through the Fast Forward program. It was designed to provide funds for every Idaho public school student who wants to take Advanced Opportunities in grades 7 through 12. ICON is an excellent complement to those wishing to be in the Fast Forward program because most high schools don't have the flexibility students need to be part of it; ICON does provide that flexibility through our online high school and middle school curriculum. At ICON, we believe in providing high school and middle school students with the flexibility they need, not only to succeed but also to go above and beyond.

What are the Benefits of Dual Enrollment?

Research tells us that dual enrollment has positive outcomes for students, including college enrollment and the persistent pursuit of a college degree, increased credit accumulation, and higher GPA's.  According to a study done in Florida by the Community College Research Center, students in dual enrollment programs versus non-dual enrollment students saw statistically more significant increases in:

  • Postsecondary enrollment after high school (67%)
  • Pursuing Bachelor's degrees (35%)
  • Persistence to go a second term (82%)
  • and persistence to go a second year (76%)

Another benefit of dual enrollment is that it provides students with the opportunity to graduate early. Across the nation, fewer than 3% of students graduate high school early, according to USA Today. 

By choosing to study at ICON and pursue the Fast Forward program, students can get a jump on their futures and prepare themselves for what's ahead. They have greater flexibility and receive a high-quality education that sets them apart. Learn more about ICON's alternative high school and middle school virtual academy, or request an enrollment packet to get enrolled!

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