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Whether you're brand-new to the homeschooling game or you're a long-time homeschooler watching the ninth grade loom on the horizon, the chances are that you're worried about those high school years--and that's okay! Homeschooling is a journey you don't have to take alone. At ICON, we believe in the power of partnership and are here to provide the support and resources you need to succeed in homeschooling during this crucial phase.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of homeschooling during high school, offering a realistic perspective to help you make informed decisions and confidently address any challenges that may arise. We understand that you may be seeking guidance on what to expect and how to navigate this unique educational journey, and we're here to provide the insights you need. In the chart below, we have provided a quick overview of the pros and cons of homeschooling:

Pros of Homeschooling with ICON

Cons of Homeschooling

Specialization: Pursue Your Passions - Personalized learning in areas of interest.

Socialization Takes Work: Need to actively seek socializing opportunities.

Flexibility: Tailor Your Education - Customizable schedules and learning styles.

Some Additional Expenses: Costs associated with diverse curricula.

Efficiency: Streamline Your Learning - Focused learning on essential topics.

Structure Isn't Built-In: Requires self-discipline and organization.

Comprehensive Support: Access to a range of resources and expert guidance.


Homeschooling during high school presents an opportunity for students to thrive in an environment tailored to their individual interests and aspirations. Let's delve into the pros and cons, highlighting the benefits of homeschooling and how ICON can be your trusted partner throughout this transformative experience.

Pros of Homeschooling With ICON

Homeschooling with ICON opens up a world of possibilities for high school students, offering numerous advantages that align with their individual needs and aspirations. Let's explore the key benefits of homeschooling with ICON and how it can transform your high school experience.


Specialization: Pursue Your Passions

High school is a time for students to explore their interests and uncover their true passions. With ICON, homeschoolers have the incredible opportunity to specialize in specific areas that are relevant to their unique talents and aspirations. Whether it's delving into advanced STEM subjects, honing artistic skills, or preparing for a future career, ICON offers diverse specialized classes designed to empower students to pursue their passions. Through personalized learning pathways, students can gain a head start in their desired fields and cultivate a deep love for learning.

Flexibility: Tailor Your Education

One of the greatest advantages of homeschooling is its unparalleled flexibility. Say goodbye to rigid schedules and one-size-fits-all approaches. With ICON, you can design a personalized educational journey that works harmoniously with your individual learning style and family's needs. Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, you can create a schedule that maximizes your productivity and allows for a healthy work-life balance. With self-paced courses and the ability to learn anytime, anywhere, ICON empowers you to take control of your education and make the most of your high school years.

Efficiency: Streamline Your Learning

Time is a valuable resource, and homeschooling with ICON allows you to make the most efficient use of it. Focusing on essential topics and avoiding unnecessary distractions can streamline your learning experience and achieve academic success. Whether you excel in certain subjects or require additional support in others, ICON offers a wide range of comprehensive courses and resources to ensure you receive a well-rounded education. From interactive multimedia lessons to engaging assignments, ICON's online platform enhances your learning efficiency and empowers you to make significant progress in less time.

Partnering with ICON for your homeschooling journey provides unparalleled support and resources to make your high school years fulfilling and successful. By leveraging the benefits of online learning, specialized classes, personalized pathways, and flexible schedules, ICON equips you with the tools you need to excel academically, explore your passions, and prepare for a bright future.

Learn more about how ICON can enhance your homeschooling experience.

Potential Cons of Homeschooling

Of course, homeschooling isn't for everyone. While homeschooling offers numerous benefits, it's important to address some potential challenges that homeschooling families may encounter.

By partnering with ICON, many families are able to overcome these hurdles and create a successful homeschooling experience that combines the best of both worlds.

Socialization Takes Work

Many homeschool families worry about socialization, especially during the high school years. Indeed, homeschooled students don't have the same opportunities to make friends and develop social skills, but that doesn't mean there are no opportunities to do these things. It does mean that parents and students must make it a point to find those opportunities.

The homeschool community -- especially in Idaho -- is thriving with families just like yours who want students to connect, learn together, and develop life-long friendships. By joining homeschool groups, attending community events, participating in co-op programs, and engaging in extracurricular activities, students can interact with peers, forge lasting friendships, and develop essential social skills. Additionally, partnering with ICON allows students to connect with an online community of like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and interaction through virtual classrooms, group projects, and discussion forums.

Some Additional Expenses

Unfortunately, homeschooling a high school student can be a little pricey. Curricula for all those different subjects can start to wear on your wallet depending on your approach. However, partnering with a free online school like ICON can help alleviate the financial burden. ICON provides cost-effective solutions by offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects. With access to high-quality educational materials, online resources, and expert teachers, you can ensure a well-rounded education for your high school student without breaking the bank.

Structure Isn't Built-In

Structure and self-discipline can be potential challenges in a homeschooling environment. ICON addresses this by providing a balance between flexibility and structure. With a wide selection of online courses and a personalized learning approach, ICON offers a structured curriculum that guides students through their educational journey. The online platform provides clear timelines, assignments, and deadlines, fostering a sense of accountability and helping students stay on track. Additionally, ICON provides guidance and support, helping students develop effective study habits, time management skills, and organizational strategies. By partnering with ICON, you can create a structured learning environment that optimizes productivity and minimizes distractions.

Resources For Homeschool

The most important thing to remember about homeschooling is that you don't have to do every little thing on your own. In fact, by partnering with an online high school like ICON, you can make the whole process smoother, easier, and even more rewarding for students and parents alike. A good "partner school" allows you to personalize educational paths without all the stress.

For example, pretend you're a homeschool parent who is excellent at teaching English and knows every grammar rule ever invented but can't seem to make numbers behave--especially that dreaded high school math. That's okay! By partnering with an online school, you'll have access to teachers, classes, and curriculum for subjects you're not as comfortable or familiar with--and for the topics you are doing yourself, there are additional courses that can enhance the learning experience even further.

Embrace the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling in Highschool With ICON.

There definitely will be pros and cons of homeschooling in high school. But by partnering with ICON, you can make the most of these opportunities and effectively navigate the challenges. Our resources, community, and innovative approach to education are designed to support and enhance your homeschooling experience.

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