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Happy student on her online graduation day at homeIf you're considering attending online school to complete your high school education, congratulations--you're on a path that could set you up for lifelong success. However, many students have questions about the process, especially when it comes to accreditation and graduation. Here's what you need to know about graduating online school in Idaho!

Why Online School Requirements Differ

High school graduation is a big deal. If you want all your hard work to be recognized by universities, colleges, and future employers, it's important to make sure you choose a program that aligns with all the proper requirements. However, because different states have different rules--and, sometimes, so do individual high schools--it's important to know what to look for:


Accreditation is the method used by the U.S. Department of Education to ensure that a high school program meets certain educational standards. If an online school is accredited, that means the credits it issues are valid and legitimate, and that the diploma will be recognized by universities and employers.


High school graduation requires a certain number of credits. Idaho requirements are that you need a minimum of 46 credits to earn your diploma.


The 46 credits required for Idaho high school graduation must be broken down by subject. For example, not all your credits can be earned in mathematics; you'll need a balance of courses--including science, social studies, humanities, language arts, and more--to make your graduation valid.

Other requirements

To graduate high school in Idaho, you'll also need to fulfill other requirements--like the completion of a senior project. That's why it's important to find an online school that offers all the right opportunities and guides you through your education.

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Graduating From Online School in Idaho

Although Idaho educational requirements say that you must graduate from an accredited high school with 46 credits or more, you have the freedom to choose how you make that happen. This means you may not have to attend a traditional brick-and-mortar high school; instead, you can attend an online school for a more flexible experience.

Here's what the path to graduation looks like in an online school setting:

#1: You'll master the online environment.

The first step in graduating from an online high school is to get comfortable with the digital learning environment. Online school isn't easier than traditional education, so bring all your dedication and determination to help make your experience positive. But don't worry--there are plenty of tutorials and guides to help you navigate the "online campus" and tips on how to focus.

#2: You'll take similar courses.

While you may not have the same course options as friends who attend brick-and-mortar high schools, you'll study all the subjects required for graduation in Idaho. Because the online environment introduces new opportunities, you might even get some experiences your friends won't have.

#3: You'll work with more flexibility.

Online school does have mandatory attendance, which means you must log into your classes regularly. However, you don't have to attend at any certain time or be present for live presentations, which means you can work toward your diploma while pursuing your career or taking care of family.

#4: You'll have guidance every step of the way.

The high school experience can be turbulent, even online--which is why you'll have access to teachers, counselors, and mentors who can help navigate the requirements. That way, you know you're taking all the right steps and checking all the right boxes.

#5: You'll plan for your future.

Although your high school graduation is a big part of your future, it's important to think beyond that moment, too. Online school can help prepare you for the higher education or career path you're most excited about, giving you the skills necessary to thrive in today's world. This helps you make decisions today that simplify your journey tomorrow.

#6: You'll get your diploma.

Finally, you'll get your high school diploma from an online school just like at any other institution. Congratulations--your future awaits!

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Getting Started with Online School

If you think online school is the right path for your high school education, the first thing to do is get started on enrollment. The good news is that ICON is a public school, so previous high school credits can transfer over (which means you're that much closer to getting your diploma). You'll get all the information you need to view your progress up until this point, which helps you choose the right courses and schedule to keep you on track toward graduation.

In conclusion, online school is a great way to graduate high school in Idaho--as long as you choose an effective, accredited program like ICON's.

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