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Heading back to school can be scary enough for students right now with online school and virtual learning a new format for many students. With back to school on their minds there are a few ways to make it better for high school students where they stay focused and productive in the upcoming academic year.

Maintain Social Interaction

Even if face-to-face social interaction is not accessible in some areas, it is still important to keep this as a part of their routine. Scheduling video chats with their friends to work on group assignments will give them that conversational interaction, while maintaining safe practices. By maintaining this interaction with each other, these high school students can keep each other accountable for their work, encouraging more participation in a virtual setting. 

Interact With Instructors

High school students participate more often in classes where they have a relationship with the instructor. No matter which format your high school student will be attending this year, they should still set aside some time to reach out and meet with each of their teachers. During these conversations, they can learn more about what their teachers expect from them in terms of work, effort, and guide them in the right direction to be successful. 

Keep An Organized and Designated Workspace

When your student is enrolled in an online school, they need a designated space to keep them focused and on task while having class meetings or working on individual assignments. These work-spaces should be free from distraction, giving them a space that is away from others and quiet. A desk or table with a comfortable chair that they can sit in for a few hours at a time is ideal. This workspace should also include access to the internet. High-speed options are ideal for families who can afford these options so that they are able to stay logged into their courses and view class lectures as needed. 

Develop A Daily Schedule

Whether your student's courses are synchronous or asynchronous, they will need to develop a routine that gets them in the habit of being productive. If they are asynchronous courses, your student may attempt to complete all of their work at once. Procrastination is easier in this format. By establishing a schedule where the student is up and working at a certain time every day, they have some familiarity with their school day. Synchronous courses will meet at the same time each day or every other day, requiring the student to be present at that time. If you when your student has course meetings, you can build their schedule around them. 

Bookmark External Resources

Each instructor will give your student external resources to use as study guides and extra practice for their coursework. It is important to keep these resources where students can access them quickly for their assignments and maintain productivity. Have your student bookmark these resources on their laptop or desktop that they are using regularly. If you have hard copy books and other materials provided for your student, keep them located in the workspace area so that your student is not wasting time searching for resources.

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