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Teen student distracted during online school work, stacking colored pencils in front of open laptop

For many students, having classes online makes them easily distracted. Online school can seem like just one more thing to do instead of what you should place your daily focus on. There are many factors that can contribute to less focus being put into online school work.

No Daily Structure

For students used to attending school in person, having a lack of structure for each day can be difficult to get used to. At in-person school, there is a strict structure for every day. The whole day is planned before the students walk in. Students get into routines and get used to the way each day flows. At home, there is rarely that kind of structure for the day. Students may interpret that lack of structure to mean that they don't have to do anything. Some kids excel without this structure, but many need to have an even stricter structure to their day for them to be able to focus.

Mental Distractions

Many people today are experiencing sadness, depression, and anxiety because they have had to miss out on a lot during the pandemic. Students may be thinking too much about what they don't get to do instead of focusing on online school work. These mental distractions can be just as strong as a blaring TV in the room. If your child is fearful and sad because of the pandemic, it may help him to let him talk to you regularly about his fears. 

Online Distractions

When students must spend a lot of time online to do their schoolwork, they may be easily distracted by other things online. Everyone has fallen into a rabbit hole online, looking at more and more pages to answer questions and learn more about something. This can be one of the biggest distractions. A student may keep several windows open so that he can check email and chat with friends while the class may be in session. It takes work and discipline to focus solely on schoolwork.

No One to Refocus

In a classroom, a teacher is there to help refocus a student who gets distracted. At home, this often doesn't happen. It may be necessary for parents to redirect a student back to schoolwork when this happens. After some time, that focus can become a habit and distractions can become less appealing to the student. 

The Same Scenery

At school, kids get a change of scenery regularly, going from one class to another and going to built-in breaks. Not having those breaks can cause frustration and make it harder to keep focus for the full school day. It can be helpful to schedule a few breaks so that the student isn't sitting still at the computer all day with no opportunity to get up and go elsewhere. 

Adapting to the Change

Many students are now attending online school for the first time. This a big change that they have to quickly adapt to. There's no way to shorten the time that this takes—students simply have to do their school work each day and get used to not having a teacher around. It's always helpful if there is a parent or other caregiver at home to help them when they have technical problems or are having a hard time adjusting to the circumstances. 

If you're looking for an online school that will get your child moving in the right direction, contact us today to find out more about how we can help. 

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