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With the current influx of online school or virtual school options for students across the country, the use of traditional homeschooling curriculums seems to lumped together with online school. However, there are significant differences between the two curriculum options, based on their structure and design. Knowing the difference between the two will guide you with understanding online school and how it can benefit your family.

Teaching Differences

When you pursue a homeschooling curriculum, you also take on the role of the teacher. As the parent, it is your responsibility to supply the curriculum and teach lessons so that your students understand and are able to learn the material. When it comes to online school, teachers are available through their school portal to teach them in lectures, give feedback, and offer those one-on-one interactions with the student.

These teachers are experienced and trained to guide these students through their curriculum. Online school programs hire certified teachers that meet the state requirement when teaching your student in a particular discipline or grade level. For parents who have to work in a two-income home, attempting to homeschool their children may not be the right option due to the demand expected of them. 

Maintaining A Schedule

When you opt for an online school program for your student, you are agreeing to a contract where a student was required to apply and gain admission for that program. Once they are in the program, they are provided an official schedule that they are required to maintain daily and weekly for the duration of the academic year. While some parents who choose homeschooling programs keep to a schedule, these schedules are not required and have the ability to shift based upon the family needs at any time. Students in these programs are not interacting virtually with their instructor and other classmates as they do with online programs. 

Official Academic Records and Credit

When it comes to maintaining academic records, online school options keep these records official and maintain them so that students can supply them later for college admission. Records are kept in homeschooling programs, also, but they are kept with the parent and not an official database. Based upon these records that are kept with the online schools, students can receive different types of academic credit based upon the work completed just as they would in a traditional school setting. 

What Are The Costs?

While it is not true for all homeschool curriculums, most of them are private in nature and require a fee ahead of time. Because these programs do not have to meet the state curriculum requirement, the curriculum can be as diverse as the program desires. This means that costs and fees associated with the program can vary and be more costly than online school options. When it comes to online school options, you can choose between private and public curriculum options.

Choosing Online School For Your Family

When you make your decision to choose between homeschooling and online school options, you come to realize quickly that the only similarity the two share is the location of where the student is receiving the material. With online school options, you are getting a certified curriculum that you know is maintained by a team of certified instructors. 

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