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The back to school season this year isn't quite like any year before it. With so many students now being able to have the flexible schedules that come with online school, it's a great time for students to get ready for an exciting new year.

Creating the Workspace

Going back to school in the era of online school means that the schoolroom has to be recreated in your home. Luckily, you don't need an entire room for schooling. Any corner or comfortable, quiet space will do. Just make sure that the space is not full of distractions like video game consoles. When the child enters the schooling area, they need the mindset of entering school. Keep general supplies in this area as well as the device they will use to connect. A comfortable chair and a desk just for school are helpful for creating that mindset.

Supplying the Supplies

When "back to school" is for online school, there is no need for the long slog through store after store to find the right kind of erasers to meet a list of supplies. Instead, your student likely only needs a few key items to help them in their studies. Having a notebook to take down important notes from lectures and reading can help them to retain more information. Having a pen for note-taking and a pencil for working out math problems will help them in most classes. Having a folder or binder to hold printouts can also be helpful, and this allows them to review some of their work offline when away from home.

Creating a Schedule

While online school is wonderfully flexible, there are times when students are supposed to be in front of the computer. Taking the time to make a general schedule can ensure that your child won't miss important lectures and tests. Your child should know each day what he is supposed to be doing so that nothing falls through the cracks. When you create the schedule, make sure to schedule regular breaks. Just as in in-person school, regular breaks allow them to transition to other subjects as well as to get some exercise. Another thing to schedule is some time to catch up on work that hasn't been completed. This may be at the end of the day so that the student is fresh and ready for the next day of school without a lot of pending assignments hanging over his head. 

Checking Out Devices and Connectivity

Before the new school year starts, take some time to check out the device or devices your child will use. Make sure they are in good repair and don't have significant bugs that will make them difficult to use. Make sure your virus protection is up to date and the devices are clean and ready for heavy use. You may have updates to upload to keep the software ready to use. In addition, make sure you have a good, secure internet connection ready for your student.

Back to school season may be different than it was in the past, but it's still an exciting time for kids. Please contact us today about online school and the many advantages it brings.

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