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Whether you're a current online school student or are still deciding whether to enroll, one thing's for sure: You'll have lots of questions (and that's a good thing). One of those questions is "how do I avoid social media distractions when the whole school experience is online"--luckily, we have the answers. Here's what to know!

Is Social Media Part of Online School?

If you've never had an online school experience, you may wonder how you'll interact with peers and classmates--and social media might seem like an obvious answer.

While it's true that you can get involved with your class on some of your favorite social platforms, this isn't really part of your curriculum. Instead, you'll have built-in discussion boards and video meetings to help you interact with fellow students. These opportunities will be presented inside the digital classroom--that is to say, on the school's online platform--so you won't have to access social media.

But let's be honest: Online school can present a big temptation. After all, your work is in the same place as your favorite social sites--so how do you keep yourself focused and make sure social media doesn't get in the way?

Minimizing Social Media Distractions

There's plenty to love about online school--but all this freedom and flexibility comes with an important responsibility on your part. It's up to you to identify and eliminate anything that could get in your way--and here's how to do that when it comes to social media:

#1: Close The Apps (or Browser Windows)

Whether you use social media on your phone or on a laptop or desktop computer, it's tempting to leave the sites running in the background while you do your work. However, this is a great way to practically guarantee distractions. Don't fall into this trap; instead, close those apps and windows.

#2: Silence Notifications

Notifications bring your attention to likes, shares, mentions, and other fun parts of social media--but that means they bring your attention away from online school. Silence notifications until your work is done for the day. Use the built-in tech when you can: If you have an Apple device, for example, you can set up automatic Focus modes to limit notifications and other distractions during the school day. 

#3: Put Away Extra Devices

If you do online school on a computer but check social media on your phone (or even the other way around), it's all too easy to have both devices within arm's reach. To keep yourself focused, try putting your social media device in another room--that way, you can't reach for it without thinking.

#4: Temporarily Block Distracting Content

Sometimes, it's too difficult to resist all the fun of social media. If that sounds familiar, you might benefit from a content blocker. These apps and browser extensions allow you to block certain content for specific periods of time. This allows you to focus on your online school classes and work because you simply can't access distractions for a while.

#5: Take Breaks to Check In

In some cases, trying to focus on too much for too long will burn you out--and then distractions can get the upper hand. Instead, build breaks into your schedule so your brain has a chance to relax. (Hint: This is a perfect time to scratch the social media itch and check all those notifications you've been trying so hard to ignore!)

#6: Ask for Help

Online school doesn't mean you're totally without a community. You can reach out to teachers, fellow students, and your parents if you're still struggling with distractions like social media. They might have ideas for staying focused--or, better yet, they might be willing to act as your accountability partners. In this setup, you'd check in with one another throughout the day to make sure each of you is focused on your work instead of social media.

#7: Be Patient With Yourself

If you're used to checking social media throughout the day, you'll be fighting against a long-term habit when you switch your focus to online school. Breaking habits takes time--which means you should be patient with yourself. Work on making as much progress as you can every day and don't get too frustrated if you slip up every once in a while.

Online school puts you in the same environment as some of your favorite distractions--but if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you can set social media aside and focus on work.

Are you considering online school? Grab your parents and contact us today to learn more about the digital education experience.

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