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online educationThe nature of life in a patient facility makes it hard for kids to attend a regular schooling program, but there are solutions that exist to help solve this problem and allow children to keep working on a quality education. For example, an online virtual academy like ICON is a great way for children with special needs or unusual circumstances to continue working on a middle or high school education.

Benefits of an Online Education for Students

Attending an online school program can be a great self-esteem booster for children who have experienced recent changes in daily life or living situation and allow them some normalcy in the midst of turmoil. An online learning program can be the perfect education solution for facilities, government agencies, and inpatient facilities that care for students with different abilities or unusual living situations, including:

  • Gifted or advanced children who grow bored in regular school or have difficulty connecting with peers
  • Children with an independent education plan in place who need more time or extra instruction 
  • Those with learning disabilities or issues that make it difficult to keep up in a conventional classroom setting

A Customizable Education Option

The customizable nature of an online program through a special education virtual academy allows students who have doctor or therapy appointments to complete lessons and assignments at a time that works for them without missing any part of the instruction. Many students find that because of the limited class sizes at a virtual academy, they are able to get more attention and interaction from instructors when they have questions or need extra help. For students who have difficulty focusing in an environment with noise or distractions, or those who have experienced bullying from peers, online schooling eliminates these issues and distractions. It gives them a fresh start with new peers who better understand their problems and instructors who are ready to help them feel comfortable and welcome. 

If you are looking for a special education virtual academy that works for the children in your facility or care, Icon School can help with personalized online education that fits any schedule.

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