Jennifer Smith

I appreciate the way ICON is able to meet the specific educational needs of my daughter in a way that allows her to pursue her passion as a competitive gymnast. Even though I know ICON serves many students, it meant a lot to me that they still took the time to understand the unique needs of my student. 

Stephanie McBride

I was looking for a way to reduce my students' anxiety about school, and I needed a school that could follow my sons' IEPs. In ICON, I have found teachers who really understand how to work with special needs kids and who are always looking for additional ways to help them.

Scott Larison

Thanks so much helping my son graduate with his diploma and with a 3.5GPA to boot. The daily progress and attendance communication received from his teachers was huge for us as parents helping him--especially access to progress reports on upcoming/outstanding assignments to be completed!

I was really impressed with your offer to help with time management and planning. Other public schools could take a lesson from you. Easily understood on their part due to the fact that they have to deal with thousands of students.

Thanks for your focus on my son.

Hayden York

The most impressive thing to me is how helpful the ICON staff is. No matter where I was in my schooling, you guys were there for me when I needed it.

My favorite thing about attending ICON was that the school work was right to the point and very clear, and that made it easier for me to get my work done.