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asking questions about online high school

Here at ICON, we understand that our school’s structure may be confusing or unfamiliar to many people. Maybe you’ve been wondering if online high school is right for you or your student, but aren’t sure of how it all works. Good news: We have the frequently asked questions all answered for you in this post.

Online High School & Middle SchooL FAQs

1. Who Can Enroll in Online School?

First things first: Who is ICON for? Any Idaho student who wants a customized high school experience can enroll at ICON. ICON stands for Idaho Connects Online, and it’s an online public school for any Idaho high school or middle school student, up to age 21, whose needs aren't met within a traditional high school setting.

Your reasons are as unique as you are: Maybe you dropped out of high school but never finished that GED and want to start building a better future. Maybe your student is struggling with substance abuse or an environment of bullying. Maybe your child has special needs, and you want to customize his or her high school experience. Or maybe your child is a competitive athlete who needs flexibility.

2. What Does ICON Cost?


As a public Idaho school, ICON is completely free. There are even loaner laptops available for fully-enrolled students to make your education easier.

3. When is Enrollment?

Great news: You can enroll at ICON any time of the year!* We’re here to meet the unique needs and challenges of Idaho’s students, and we know issues like relocation, behavior problems, or bullying don’t respect the traditional school calendar. No matter when it’s time to make the switch to online school, we’ll be ready for you.

4. Is Online School Good for Homeschoolers?

ICON is a public school, but can support Idaho's homeschooling families in a variety of ways. ICON offers part-time enrollment to serve as supplemental support for homeschool instruction. Contact us to learn more about how to use ICON’s free public high school classes for your homeschooling student.

5. Is ICON a Public School?

Yes. ICON is a fully accredited Idaho public school, and every credit you earn at ICON will transfer directly to any other Idaho public school.

6. Is There LIVE Mandatory Class Time?

No! We know your life is busy and we’re here to tailor your education to your needs. There is no live mandatory class time, and you can customize your schedule around full-time work, residential treatment, or any other scheduling conflicts. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll be able to coast and never log in to do your coursework. On the contrary, ICON’s classes are just as rigorous as traditional classroom instruction; they’re simply customizable since you are not required to be online at specific times during the day.

7. When is Orientation?

When you enroll (any time of the year!) you’ll be required to complete orientation over the course of the first week. This enrollment includes a voice-to-voice meeting with the student’s Advising Teacher. There is no in-person orientation required; everything will be done remotely.

If you’re still unsure or have another burning question, contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you make the right decision for your student.

* When there is not enough time remaining in a semester for a new student to complete their course work, we will help them register for the upcoming semester.  

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Vickie McCullough

Written by Vickie McCullough

Vickie McCullough is the Head of School at ICON - Idaho Connects Online School, serving 6-12 grade students throughout the state of Idaho.

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