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fast forward student taking high school credits online

At Idaho Connects Online School, we recognize that every Idaho student is unique. Some students use ICON to complete basic courses in a safe, quiet environment free from distraction—and some of these students even shoot for an accelerated approach to graduation.

For students in Idaho's Fast Forward program, ICON is an ideal way to finish basic high school credits online without conflicting with AP classes, special exams, and even college courses.

How ICON Can Help Your Student Get Ahead

For gifted or accelerated students, a traditional high school environment can be unchallenging and even a little boring. These students need a customized approach to high school that fully engages their minds and keeps them interested. For some of these students, the Fast Forward program is the best solution: overload courses, dual enrollment, AP exams and career technical education.

ICON can fill the gap for talented students like these who otherwise might find a traditional high school experience unfulfilling. If your student is signaling they’re ready for more—or even acting out because they’re bored and unchallenged—ICON is here for you.

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Hello, Flexibility and Customization

ICON is an excellent resource for students who want to focus on their extra coursework and graduate early but have to complete their required basic courses. Students who want to graduate in three years from high school have demanding schedules and ambitious goals, and their day-to-day high school education shouldn’t get in the way of that. ICON can make high school customizable and flexible to accommodate a gifted students’ busy schedules. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Free for Idaho students: ICON is a fully accredited online high school, meaning your student will receive free instruction and even a loaner laptop if enrolled full-time.
  • Customizable: Whether you want to enroll full-time or take only supplemental courses, ICON’s offerings can be tailored to your student’s needs.
  • No mandatory live class time: ICON classes can be completed on your student's schedule.

Ambitious Students Deserve the Best

Many students choose ICON because, while high school is important, they have their sights set on bigger and better things. There are ICON students pursuing competitive sports with rigorous schedules, some looking to graduate from high school early and head to college, and others who just want more out of their high school experience. Whatever your student’s needs, we can make high school simpler and custom-fitted.

If you have questions about how to tailor your gifted or accelerated student’s high school education around their ambitions, contact us today. We’ll walk you through how enrollment works and answer any questions you may have.

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Vickie McCullough

Written by Vickie McCullough

Vickie McCullough is the Head of School at ICON - Idaho Connects Online School, serving 6-12 grade students throughout the state of Idaho.

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