Below is work that has been done by some of our students!

Mi Dormitorio
Check out these great use of Microsoft Paint as a tool to share Spanish Vocabulary. Excellent work Rebecca F.

Great use of Microsoft Paint used to share Spanish Vocabulary.

Student designs their own Mexican Resturant
Thank you Siarah H. for your work!

Here is a great Powerpoint from a student designing their own Mexican Restaurant!  Thank you Siarah H. for your work!

Water Cycle Diagram
Nice job!

Check out the great Water Cycle diagram by Katie F.  Nice job!

Lantz B. did this for a project on commercials in English IV
English IV
Good job!
Researching a Complex Process
English I A
Check this out! Another great example of student work from Kelsie, Grade 9.
Make a Model
Science 700 – Unit 1: Scientific Inquiry
Wonderful work Kayla on your cross-section of a volcano! Great ICON work!
I made a clay model of a volcano. The dictionary says that a volcano is a “geological landform (usually a mountain) where magma (rock of the earth's interior made molten or liquid by high pressure and temperature) erupts through the surface of the planet.” I have enjoyed making this model.