As a public school student enrolled in Idaho Connects Online School, we are eager to support you in taking these important assessments. Here are a few things to begin to think about and plan for:


All students in grades 6, 7, 8 and 10 are required to take these state-mandated tests.

These tests are computer-based and must be taken in a proctored location with an approved proctor. Unfortunately, you cannot take these at home.

Students can test over several days. In fact, students are allowed to pick the day and the times that work best for them as long as it falls within the testing window and at the testing location that they have been assigned.

We will work with students in each of their geographical locations to find a testing center that is as close to their home as possible, making it easy to participate. Students cannot arrange locations for themselves. Dual-enrolled students must test with the school where they are taking the core areas of assessment.

We have given our students a "Flex Week" during the testing window, where no new assignments accrue to ensure that you have time to keep up with your work load and take these required tests.

The results of these tests will NOT affect the grades that you receive in your courses. They will, however, inform students, parents, and staff where students have certain strengths and where students may need additional instruction.

After Spring Break, ICON will begin to notify students of their testing location. It will be the responsibility of the student to call the Testing Center that they are assigned to in order to register and take the assessment.


All 11th graders are required to take the SAT as part of the Graduation requirement.

These tests are paper-based and must be administered in a College Board approved testing location with a College Board approved proctor.

This is a one day timed test.

This test does not affect student grades in their courses.

We work with students to assign them a testing location that is geographically close to where they live. Students are not allowed to set up their own testing center and must work with the center that we have assigned them to.

NOTE: Some 12th graders that have not yet met this graduation requirement may need to take this test. Our Director of Student Services will work individually with those students that need to meet this requirement.

Students on an IEP that lists the Accuplacer as an alternate to the College Entrance Exam will work directly with the sped team at ICON to make arrangements for testing in April and May.