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Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and this has had a tremendous impact on the school experiences of numerous students. Therefore, it is important for parents and students to work together to do what they can to help ensure their kids are ready for the new school year.

That's where the Idaho Connects Online School (ICON) can help! There are a few reasons why we believe students should trust our trained professionals to help them get ahead this summer.

More Time to Focus on the Fundamentals

In many cases, students fall behind simply because they don’t have time to focus on the basics they need to learn more challenging material. There is a lot of peer pressure in school and this can cause students to hesitate if they have questions. They don’t want to be seen as the student who doesn’t understand something.

In summer school, there is more time for us to focus on the basics. We take the time to slow things down, making sure that students understand one topic before moving on to the next. The extra time that we provide translates into a stronger learning experience for the student.

More Attention for Each Student

Today, there is a shortage of teachers in numerous school districts. This can cause students to feel like they aren’t getting the attention they deserve. If students aren’t getting attention from the teacher, the teacher might not even realize that the student is behind. This can compound the issue over time, as the school moves on without that student.

With ICON, that is not a problem. Our student to teacher ratio is kept low. This means that every student who comes to see us will get the attention they deserve. This means more attention for each student, stronger relationships with instructors, and a more fruitful learning experience for everyone involved.

Narrow the Focus Down to a Few Subjects

It is important for students to prioritize their time this summer. That is why we take the time to identify the individual needs of each student, focusing our attention on specific areas of need. Remember that teenagers are facing pressure that is similar to that faced by adults. There is a large amount of pressure on teenagers to perform well.

We don’t want to overload teens by asking them to focus on too many areas at once. Students excel in some areas and might take longer to grasp other subjects. We will figure out where each student needs help the most. Then, we will focus on those classes. This makes sure that every student is in the best position possible when the school year starts.

Enroll at Idaho Connects Online School (ICON) Today!

At Idaho Connects Online School (ICON), we have some of the top instructors in the area. Our teachers have a tremendous amount of experience that they can leverage to help every student who comes to see us. The individual attention, slower pace, and stronger relationships mean that students are going to get more out of their learning experience with us. Therefore, why not enroll your student today? We would be happy to help your child get ahead this school year, so contact us today to learn more!

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