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Back to School Season is upon us. Idaho schools on modified calendars (year-round) are starting this week, and many other districts will have their first day the week of August 21—with many starting mid-week due to the eclipse event happening on Monday, August the 21st.

ICON’s first day of school is September 6th this year. ICON chooses to start the school year a couple of weeks after the traditional brick and mortar public schools to better serve our students. We find that often times students, and their parents, want to give traditional school one more try, even after having struggled the year before. If these students find that traditional school is still not a fit, they can easily transition into online school at ICON.

Other reasons students may want begin classes with ICON after the traditional school year begins may include wanting to supplement their schedule with online courses to graduate early or on time. Some students may even look to online course when they have a particularly demanding extra-curricular or athletics schedule and, while they might fall behind in the course work if they had to rely on completing the work in-person in class, find they can complete course work on their own time, on the road, online.

No matter the reason—and really no matter the start date—online classes at ICON are an excellent option for many types of students. We may start back on September 6th but ICON gets new students started every day. Because of the nature of online schooling, we can help your student get caught up on their middle school or high school course work no matter when they begin.

What to learn more about your School Choice options in Idaho? Listen as ICON Head of School Vickie McCullough explains. Listen to School Choice Options in Idaho. (Time to listen: Under 5 min.)

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