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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschool as an option for your child's education is something that many parents have considered, but some are acting on it. Before making the switch from the traditional classroom to homeschool, there are a few things that you can do for your homeschooled children that continue to enhance their education and fit your family's needs.

Utilize The Flexibility

The diversity of parents' schedules when school hours take place in your home can differ from traditional hours of 8 am to 3 pm. There is a misconception among some who choose to homeschool their children that they must be using these set hours for school. If early morning hours, late afternoons, or evening hours work better for your family to conduct assignments, then that is when your homeschooling should be for your family.

You can also host your classroom in different environments. Do you want to get some fresh air and take a closer look at nature? Hit your local parks for the afternoon and show your students what they otherwise would be looking at in a textbook. Take your classroom with you on a family vacation when you explore new areas and travel across the country.

Take Advantage of Tuition-Free Programs

Cost is a substantial concern for parents when they are considering homeschooling. When you choose to homeschool your child(ren), you are accepting all costs, as no state or federal funding is provided for most of these programs. While some homeschool programs require a tuition amount for each student enrolled, there are free online options available for you to choose from. These curriculum programs understand the state requirements for school hours based on the child's age and grade level and provide a curriculum that fits these requirements.

Embed Socialization into Your Homeschool Program

Another one of the most significant concerns that flood the minds of parents is the lack of socialization that comes with homeschooling their children. Unlike traditional schools, there is significantly less exposure to other children. However, these children do not have to be without socialization. Join a local homeschool group of parents and students who meet up for an hour or so a week to play and interact with each other. Especially with homeschooling becoming more popular across the nation, families in your neighborhood may be looking for a group, and you can kick it off. Organizing Zoom calls with other homeschooled students and/or arranging for socially-distanced meetups are a few ways to manage this during the pandemic. 

You can also integrate socialization into your program when you sign your students up for local recreational sports and extracurricular classes. They will engage and make new friends in these places just as they would at a traditional school.

Teaching Time Management

One of the biggest drawbacks to a traditional school for parents has been the amount of time that is wasted for their students throughout the day. Students have to fill their time with busy work in their classes if they finish ahead of their classmates on assignments, preventing the best use of that time. With homeschooling, they can get in the hours they need, get their work done, and establish positive time management.

Make It Your Own

While there are a few state guidelines to consider when you take on your homeschool program, many of the details are left up to you and your students. Everything from flexibility to time management can make positive changes for you and your family as you navigate homeschooling in the future. Get in touch with ICON School today to see how we can help ease the transition for you and your students into homeschooling that fits your life.

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